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FREEBITCO.IN  | BITFUN.CO | COOLDICE.CLUB | MOONBIT.CO.IN | MELLOWADS | AND MANY MORE is one of the oldest and best-paying faucets. Every 60 minutes you can claim an amount which can go up to 200$ in bitcoin - paid in satoshi (fraction of bitcoin). Register here now!

Mellowads is one of the most interesting Faucets I know. You can claim once a day and get 500 - 3000 satoshi! You can use them to create ads and advertise your referral links all over the internet! It just takes you 15 seconds a day and after a few days you can easily market your referral links! REGISTER HERE! is a good faucet which pays you 5% bonus on top of your last 72-hour claims. You can claim satoshi every 15 minutes. It goes to your coinpot-wallet which you have to register with the same e-mail-adress (it is easy to set up!). Get started and register here! is the best faucet if you want to claim often. You can claim every three minutes and the bitcoins are transferred to your coinpot-wallet which you have to register with the same e-mail-adress. Get started and register here! is quite new and pays really well. You can claim 15 satoshi every 20  minutes. In addition to that you can play Satoshi-Snake in order to get more bitcoins (it's for free!). Click here to register! pays really good as well. You can claim every 5 minutes and you get also a loyalty and mystery bonus every time you claim. It is also connected to Register here now!

If you want to earn Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash or Doge Coin, you should register to following high-paying faucets:
- - - - - As the other "moon-faucets" they can be claimed every 5 minutes and there is always a loyalty bonus up to 100% and a mystery bonus in addition to that! 

You also should check out cointiply. It is not just a faucet, but you can also make surveys and watch videos in order to get coins. If you make surveys and try out new apps and so on, you can make a lot of coins!


As a brand new game offers to buy and raise chicken and sell their eggs. If you register under this LINK you get 300 (instead of 150 coins) as well a free chicken. You don't have to do so, but I actually deposited around 200.000 satoshi and could withdrew already 120.000 satoshis after 4 weeks. If you don't, it might take a while to get money out of it.

Another game is It works similar, but with the perk of getting a free bonus in addition of the egg revenues. Register here!